Sara Glahn

I’m proud to be part of the exhibition TREADING WATER 

a TGIF event at 

Kilroy Metal Ceiling

283 Green Ave

Brooklyn, New York

Opening this Friday July 22nd, 6-10 PM

The piece presented is part of the project ‘Spatial Sculptures’, an intervention over, about and with my fathers artistic production and production materials in a spand from 1980s till today. The piece is a talk about the process of materials through time and space as well as a personal meeting with my father as an artist.



Kilroy Metal Ceiling, an artist-run project space in Brooklyn founded by Lucas Pinheiro and Jessica Wilson, is pleased to present Treading Water, a group exhibition of twenty-two “emerging artists”, curated by TGIF Gallery. The phrase “emerging artist” is a pervasive marketing term in gallery biographies and press releases that does not fit the range of artists and their diverse practices that it attempts to elevate. In opposition to commodify these artists, we invited them to exhibit work that redefines what an emerging artist is and what exactly they are emerging into.


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