Sara Glahn

My Dad Is an Artist 2012, 2012

‘My Dad Is an Artist 2012′ is a month long collaboration between my father Ralf Stenderup-Larsen and I. I asked him to produce new works of art, since he hadn’t work intensely with this since the 1980s. Focussing on the process of making a work and the becoming and determined decision of an artwork ‘My Dad Is an Artist’ address the subject of authorship and of artistic processes.



The work was nominated for the Gerrit Rietveld Award 2012:

“The work of Sara is a whole made up out of three different components, which make the presentation multi-layered and kaleidoscopic. She is showing and re-interpreting work made in the 80s by her father, there is a series of double portraits on display and she carefully compiled a booklet from material from the archive of the department of photography. By including works of her father, Sara’s work becomes intimate and vulnerable. In the experience of the viewer the components start telling a story of time and of people. Documentary and installation come together and address in a subtle way the subject of authorship. The jury compliments the work for it’s melancholy without showing a trace of sentimentality.” - the Jury GRA Award 2012, Xander Karskens and Barbara Visser.



Download article “The artist in conversation with the artist” published online at Dutch magazine Metropolis M, 2012.